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Our history

Suzanne is the result of a couple project. Both passionate about gastronomy, we started on the adventure together:Lucas in the kitchen,Elisa in pastry. Lovers in life but also epicureans, in love with gastronomy and beautiful products, we offer an honest cuisine, between tradition and modernity to sublimate the products of our producers.

“It is the delicacy and the love of the product that bind us! ”


Lucas Tricot

27-year-old chef

former chef of the restaurant “Les Oiseaux” , Lille.

Passionate about the hospitality and gastronomy world, I quickly oriented my career towards cooking, where I found the way to express myself without any barrier 

Line cook, sous chef then chef in establishments from Lille metropolitan area, I started my career by drawing inspiration from encounters and producers with whom I like to forge close and trust connections. My cooking is only about generosity and creativity

“Epicureans by nature, we simply like to eat well, express ourselves and have fun with cooking!”

Elisa Rodriguez

Reconverted and passionate 25-year-old pastry chef.

Gourmet by nature, after a career in dietetics, I reoriented myself into the pastry world which I always had in mind ! The creativity that this job allows inspires me particularly.

I like to revisit pastry French classics with unexpected combinations of flavors. I offer desserts in the continuity of Lucas' dishes, often de-sweetened, to end on a light, digestible and gourmet note at the same time.

Our philosophy 

"It's all about good products"

We compose our dishes and our desserts in the most readable way possible, around few but good products.
Each product has its place on the plate, each product is strictly selected, and brings something to the dish: acidity, texture, sweetness, …

We like to rework classic recipes from French gastronomy which are for us comforting, almost regressive:
Jus de viande, fire cooking, creamy sauces but also sea food..



Singular dressings and "terre-mer" pairings punctuate the menu and set the tone of our cuisine, resolutely modern on assumed classic bases.

At lunchtime, we offer the possibility of composing a 3-course menu from the menu and in the evening we offer our blind menus which allow us to express all our creativity using the finest products from our suppliers.

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